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Main IPTV Dashboard Advantages are

The IPTV Dashboard generate the line Wherever you are.

The Dashboard has clean code and pixel-perfect design, created with the thought of the most important & very Easy Control customer needs. Just start your own IPTV business with ProfiIPTV Resellers today and earn more than €9000 per month

Create the IPTV line from your phone

You have mega control from your Phone to your IPTV to start the business from your Phone. The first IPTV panel can work with your mobile phone

Powerful IPTV Resellers Dashboard

We have the best panel for you so that you can make the line anywhere & easily and quickly, of course the panel is very clean for our clients IPTV Resellers. We Support All Smart IPTV Devices M3u, SMART IPTV, Mag Box, Enigma.

Free Update

High-Quality, SD, HD, FHD, EPG + Logos Channels

Best TV Panel Resellers

Full Dashboard for Resellers

24/7 Support

Known for working around just about any issues, our tech support will always be glad to help you online, on a 24/7 basis!

You can use VPN

Use VPN without any problem no buffering for your customers

Simple Steps to start your IPTV Business Today with perfect Dashboard

IPTV Reseller

How to Start you IPTV Business

You can sell the IPTV Subscription Week, Months, Year
one year. You can sell the subscription however you want. Example you have got a client, and he would like a year IPTV subscription. In your panel you bought 150 credits or more from us. then you will choose in your panel a year subscription costs 35 credit, and you will sell the subscription to your clients €99.99 or more, so you can make money

We also have connection for two. What is 2 Connection. 2 
Connection means if a client wants an IPTV line works with two devices at the same time. You can sell the 2 Connection IPTV for your Clients

IPTV Reseller Program Dashboard

Buying Credits We create your reseller account, and we will send it to you immediately

Make Money

You'll have full control over your clients, channel lists & pricing easily.

Credit Costs for Resellers

When you become our reseller, you will buy credits to load your reseller panel.

The minimum amount is €150. REMEMBER: €1 = 1 Credit

24 hours Trial = 0 Credits

1 Week= 2 Credits

1 Month = 5 Credits

3 Month = 11 Credits

6 Month = 20 Credits

1 Year = 35 Credits

2 Connection

1 Month = 10 Credits

3 Month = 21 Credits

6 Month = 39 Credits

1 Year = 65 Credits

We provide more credits (bonus) if you add credits more than 150 euros.

ProfiIPTV Resellers

IPTV Dashboard Tutorial Video​

Payments We Accept

You can pay with Credit/debit cards or Cryptocurrency

We have more Bonus if you pay with Cryptocurrency, please go to the pricing table. And find the best price for Bonus

We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Letcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Please contact us if you cannot find any payments from the EOS or Bitcoin find

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Money-Back guarantee 7 days

Your money is safe, if you didn’t like our service, just contact us and your money will be refunded, the refund is only 7 days

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